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An Impromptu Shrine On Beach Road

Pattaya Beer Bar Shrine
Pattaya Beer Bar Shrine

My friends and I took a trip to Pattaya in June, 2011. We had spent three days partying pretty hard, and decided to just hang out in the Poker Beer Bar on Beach Road, and shoot some pool, drink water and gatorade, and just watch the world go by.

I watched in fascination as a Thai girl walked out of another beer bar about 30 meters away, and set up a bar stool and started putting drinks of booze and fresh juice and small bits of food on it.

She then lit her incense and began to pray over the impromptu shrine. After a moment, a few of her friends walked out and joined her in prayer.

When they were finished, I walked over and asked them, politely, what that was all about. They smiled and told me they were praying for the bar to have a good night!